Lightning Talks II

Saturday, April 04, 2020: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Chair: Dave Patten

Heritage reloaded: how can an incubator, mixing start-ups and a cultural institution, reshape the future of cultural experiences?
- Bettina Gardelles, Centre des monuments nationaux, France

Could blockchain change the nature of ownership in the museum?
- Frances Liddell, University of Manchester, UK

What we learned from Tinder at Kunsthalle München
- Christine Murray, Antenna International, USA, Eva Wesemann, Antenna International, Germany

Prototyping in collaboration with university libraries
- Erin Canning, Aga Khan Museum, Canada

How to construct a sustainable information system that reuses collection data as well as narrative texts
- Wilhelm Lagercrantz, Swedish National Historical Museums, Sweden

Telling and sharing online stories about museum objects - new tools that make it easy for everyone
- Neil Hawkins, Cogapp, UK, Andy Cummins, Cogapp, UK

Low Cost, High-Value Prototyping Tactics for the Museum Experience
- Victoria Jones, Bluecadet, USA

Audio tour impact! Removing the barriers and raising the bar on take-up rates and ROI. Lessons learned and practical solutions.
- Jeff Danziger, Guide ID, USA, Jessica Rosenthal, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

Virtual Reality in Museums: a case study from the Powerhouse Museum’s Apollo 11 exhibition
- Arul Baskaran, Museum for Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia

Bots I Have Met
- Paul Rowe, Vernon Systems, New Zealand