Community of Practice: AI

Saturday, April 04, 2020: 9:30am - 10:50am

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for techies or developers – it’s for anyone interested in making more informed choices and improving the processes that make up our daily lives. Join Catherine Devine, Susan Poulton, Ariana French, and others as we explore real-world AI demos, non-technical case studies, and learn how the AI Community of Practice has evolved over the past year. Attendees will gain insights into the growing variety of embedded AI applications, how AI can shape engagement strategies, and the impact of AI on organizational initiatives.

The objective of the community of practice, sponsored by Microsoft, is to deepen understanding in Museums of what is possible with artificial intelligence as well as to encourage a conversation about the potential applications of artificial intelligence in Museums. As part of this community, we invite anyone who is interested in the applications of artificial intelligence in a Museum setting to join the discussion over the coming year.

Chair: Ariana French

- Catherine Devine, Microsoft, USA