What we learned from Tinder at Kunsthalle München

Lightning Talk

Saturday, April 04, 2020: 2:00pm - 3:30pm -

Christine Murray, Antenna International, USA, Eva Wesemann, Antenna International, Germany

The Kunsthalle München, one of Munich’s leading art museums, wanted to empower and engage their visitors in a new multi-dimensional way, one that combined the best of social media with museum interpretation. To achieve that goal, Antenna developed a mobile app “heyKH” that taps into behaviors common to What’sApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even dating apps like Tinder. Users can create profiles, join communities, swipe to vote, post photos and videos, share observations, send direct messages, engage in a running real-time dialogue, trigger audio and video content by pointing their smartphone at an artwork. The app allows museum goers to participate in a multi-directional dialogue: museum-to-visitor, visitor-to-museum, and visitor-to-visitor.  

“heyKH” is being piloted at the Kunsthalle München at their nighttime social gathering “Afterwork,” the third Wednesday of the month.  We are in the process of collecting visitor feedback in order to evaluate and refine the features for version 2.0.