Using Digital Resources to Bring Global Wildlife Conservation into the Classroom


Thursday, April 02, 2020: 7:00pm - 8:00pm -

Kelsey Kovner, Wildlife Conservation Society , USA

The professional development team at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has created WCS presents Field Sight, a set of curated digital curriculum tools for teachers to bring wildlife conservation into the classroom. This program pairs the insight of our zoo and aquarium educators with the expertise of WCS staff working around the world. Being a part of a global conservation organization with unique access to groundbreaking STEM professionals, we have a duty to make high quality education content accessible via digital formats. WCS education’s pedagogical expertise allows us to provide curricula to teachers and showcase STEM careers and role models to students.
This demonstration provides an opportunity to explore and view Field Sight videos, and curriculum resources. We will discuss our process and how a tool like this has the potential to fill a valuable niche for teachers and science professionals.

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