The Other Interface


Friday, April 03, 2020: 11:00am - 12:20pm -

Pepijn Lemmens, Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Netherlands

Het Nieuwe Instituut (‘the new institute’) is the Netherlands national institute for Architecture, Design and Digital culture. It houses one of the largest architecture collections in the world. Over the past years Het Nieuwe Instituut has been experimenting with different ways to present its own and other collections. From 2020 the institute will start developing a series of new interaces or ‘windows’ into the collection based on Linked (Open) Data, new types of interface design, Artificial Intelligence and reusable technical ‘building blocks’. These interfaces will answer different questions than traditional architecture historical ones. Questions like: how many pink buildings are there in the collection? What was the most commonly used building material in 1965? How does this building relate to that movie? Currently interfaces are planned for professionals in other fields, like fashion and product designers, writers, movie makers, etc., a wider, more general audience interested in architecture and architecture history, an interface aimed at children/education and an interface aimed at a more experimental audience interested in arts and digital culture. Over the upcoming 5 years large parts of the collection will be digitized and new ‘windows’ will be added to provide a rich insight into Dutch architecture history.

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