Telling and sharing online stories about museum objects – new tools that make it easy for everyone

Lightning Talk

Saturday, April 04, 2020: 2:00pm - 3:30pm -

Alex Morrison, Cogapp, UK, Neil Hawkins, Cogapp, UK, Andy Cummins, Cogapp, UK

This session will offer valuable, usable insights explaining how recent developments in web technologies mean that museums can now (as never before) enable non-technical staff and visitors to easily create compelling interactive online content about their collections content.

We will look at example stories of different types produced by a variety of organisations. Examples from organisations including Google, the Wellcome Collection, the Bodleian Library, V&A, the British Library, the National Trust and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France will demonstrate both interactive annotated image tours and curated, annotated, document collections. We will look at alternative editing tools and discuss how they can be implemented and applied. Finally, we will talk about future directions for 2020 and beyond.  

An informative, useful, entertaining and inspiring session will be had by all. 

Example Editors

Canvas Panel by Digirati

Google Guided Zoom

Storiiies by Cogapp

Example Applications

Google Cultural Institute Examples

Wellcome Collection - Quilt

University of Michigan - Epistles of Paul

Virginia University - Life of the Buddha

V&A - Ocean Liner

British Library - Book Annotations

Bodleian Library - Manuscript