Recreating a Viking Age church in VR


Thursday, April 02, 2020: 6:00pm - 7:00pm -

Wilhelm Lagercrantz, Swedish National Historical Museums, Sweden

How do you rebuild an almost 1000-year-old wooden-church that only exists in parts? During a restoration of the Romanesque church in Hemse, Sweden in 1896 the remains of a stave church were found as reused floor tiles. This find is the only more or less complete church rediscovered from the Christianization of Sweden. The parts ended up in the Swedish History museums collection. In 2017 researchers Gunnar Almevik and Jonathan Westin made a 3D scan of the parts for research purposes. Their idea was to create a simulation or a research laboratory through which hypotheses can be tried and both researchers and the public can be engaged in a dialogue. At the same time, the Swedish History museum was working on a big rebuild of its well-known Viking exhibition. This offered a great opportunity to make the VR-model available to the public and we began working on means on how to display it.