Nature All Around Us: Interactive Media Demonstration


Thursday, April 02, 2020: 6:00pm - 7:00pm -

Timothy Lee, Natural History Museum of Utah, USA, Kate Raisz, 42 Degrees North Media, United States, Mark Ingalls, Natural History Museum of Utah NHMU, USA

Nature All Around Us is a 7200 sq ft exhibition internally developed, designed, and built by the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) staff.  Outside consultants with expertise in interactive media were invited to join the team. The goal of the exhibit is to invite visitors to explore the ways our daily lives are intertwined Filled with immersive environments, hands-on interactives, and live animals, Nature All Around Us engages all your senses in discovering the hidden worlds in familiar places from your backyard to Main Street. Regardless of one’s age, interest, or background there is something in Nature All Around Us that will inspire and transform the way you look at your environment. After experiencing Nature All Around Us, we hope visitors will experience their own cities or towns in new ways and begin to make their own discoveries or participate in Citizen Science programs that contribute to scientific understanding of our world. Visitors also meet community/citizen scientists throughout the exhibition who are actively recording nature in our communities.
In creating the exhibition, Nature All Around Us, we married new technologies to traditional exhibition components such as dioramas to tell stories of science and discovery in innovative, immersive, and engaging ways. Our team brought together museum designers and educators with outside media professionals to create cutting-edge experiences to illuminate the nature that exists in Utah’s urban and suburban neighborhoods. From conception through execution, we remained positive and open to different ideas during the development of the exhibit. We emphasized prototyping every step of the way so that we could keep refining the visitor experience and ensure its ultimate success.
For Museums and the Web attendees, we will demonstrate the innovative technology and techniques we used to create engaging and innovative interactive media experiences for visitors.