IMMERSED: The history, art and philosophy of the immersive experience

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020: 1:30pm - 4:30pm -

David London, The Peale Center for Baltimore History & Architecture, United States

While “immersive” has become a 21st Century buzzword, its orgins began over a millennia ago. This workshop offers a crash course in the past, present and future of the built environment through the lens of contempory museum practice. 

Encounter emerging forms of storytelling that not only satisfy the public’s increasingly desire for novel experiences, but also offer new opportunities to grow audiences and generate earned revenue.

Explore how museums can further cultivate wonder, play and creativity to foster enhanced learning while shifting public perspectives on the museum experience.

Examine how both physical, digital and hybrid content can offer new methods for meaningful engagement while also addressing contemporary accessibility practices. 

The workshop will conclude with an overview of immersive experiences currently being explored and embraced by museums throughout the world, and a look at data that will dispel any doubt that the age of immersion is upon us.