If you give a college student a donut: Flash UX for academic museums


Friday, April 03, 2020: 12:45pm - 1:45pm -

Abigail Shelton, University of Notre Dame , USA

If you give a college student a donut, she might give you some website feedback. This fall, one campus art museum staffer and one library faculty member from the University of Notre Dame took to the busy library concourse and museum atrium for five weeks to offer donuts to passersby in exchange for feedback on the prototype site. Over the course of five weeks, we talked to around 175 students, faculty, and staff from departments as diverse as Chemical Engineering to Theology to Architecture to Computer Science. We asked them to comment on the homepage layout, perform simple searches, suggest new metadata fields, work with a IIIF Mirador image viewer, and try out the personalized collections feature. This demonstration will cover how we structured the activity and what we found. It will also briefly touch on how this simple and inexpensive exercise has encouraged a wider acceptance of user experience thinking in both the library and museum. 

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