Ethical Reuse of GLAM(R) Digital Content


Friday, April 03, 2020: 12:45pm - 1:45pm -

Elizabeth Kelly, Loyola New Orleans, USS, Caroline Muglia, University of Southern California, USA

The Digital Content Reuse Assessment Framework Toolkit (D-CRAFT) is currently under development to allow cultural heritage and knowledge organizations to better understand the ways users engage with, reuse, and transform digital content. The first deliverable for the toolkit is a Code of Ethics for conscientious assessment practices. In this lightning talk, the grant team will share current progress and invite feedback from museum professionals on a draft of the Code of Ethics for employing use and reuse data. In order to take an evidence-based approach, the project team conducted an environmental scan of existing codes of ethics for a wide range of cultural memory organizations, including Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, and data Repositories, as well as communities such as records management and library publishing organizations. Our data analysis approach consists of both qualitative and quantitative text analysis methods and techniques. The Code of Ethics will form the foundation of Recommended Practices and Engagement and Education tools provided in the toolkit. Gaining the perspectives and input of the museum community will be an important step to ensuring the toolkit deliverables are pertinent and appropriate to the communities they will support.

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Codes of Ethics/relevant articles consulted for current project (in progress) are available through Zotero: