Easy-peasy 3D Touch Screen Interactive

App Crit

Friday, April 03, 2020: 9:00am - 10:30am -

Wilhelm Lagercrantz, Swedish National Historical Museums, Sweden

Do you have 3D assets on Sketchfab? Would you like to show them off in a public space?
Now you can, with the open-source touch screen interactive by the National Historical Museums and RaySpace AB.
The app is based on Sketchfab’s open viewer API and was developed by Erik Olsson at RaySpace AB for the SHM. The app makes it possible to toggle between eight to ten high-resolution models (1M polygons and 8-16k textures) loaded from Sketchfab without the need to reload the scenes. We can also add custom annotations in two languages in order to create custom narratives.

A fully working demo with three models is available at http://shmdemo.se/
Please note that it does not work on most mobile devices due to lack of memory. It takes a decent laptop to run it smoothly.

RaySpace AB, with their extensive knowledge and experience within computer-driven visualization, has been a great partner in this project. They also happen to share our philosophy on openness, which means that our little app can now also be your little app.
It is available as open-source and we hope that it can come in handy for others who may be thinking of presenting 3D models on a touch screen in a museum or any other public space.

Basically, if you have 3D models on Sketchfab and know your way around WordPress you are good to go!

The app itself can be downloaded from RaySpace’s GitHub account https://github.com/RaySpaceAB/3Dviewer