Digital Leadership 1: Knowledge Collaboration and Facilitation for Organizational Change

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020: 9:00am - 12:00pm -

Duane Degler, Design for Context, USA

We are in a period of change, led by social and digital catalysts. “Digital” is not a department, it is part of the fabric of our institutions’ work. Museums need to be flexible in their digital practices in order to be responsive to visitors, stakeholders, and staff.

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to foster a vision that engages our communities and opens up information to support museum missions and strategies. But what does that mean in practice?

This workshop is a dynamic discussion of the skills needed to support changes in information practices throughout museums of all sizes – encouraging collaboration and an open knowledge-sharing culture. While these are large aims, the focus is on practical actions that bring people along. Through discussion and small-group exercises, we will explore techniques to:

• Assess your current information and collaboration culture, your organizational readiness and communication barriers
• Facilitate and participate in cross-functional groups that encourage shared understanding and direction
• Lead the discussion on sustainability and scalability of information and knowledge initiatives

We will draw on experience across a range of museums and archives, as well as insights from commercial organizations going through similar transitions.

You don’t need to be a manager to benefit from these techniques. Whatever your role, you have the capacity to be a change agent, supporting conversations and adoption of effective, shared digital practices.

TBD. I have been traveling, so limited time to pull references.