Crafting a perfect experience

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020: 9:00am - 12:00pm -

Mieczyslaw Bielawski, ARTFM, Poland

Looking at design and the perspective of users, we would analyze 4 high budget multimedia exhibits in Europe, each different in character and the visitor experience. By going through the process of building initial ideas, creating a story, production and assembly, we would analyze various problems and solutions. Then we will check social media opinions in regard to locations, to discover how the final work was / is perceived and judged by visitors over the previous years. We would find out what they missed and what they liked, to assess if initial goals set for the projects were met. The workshop will be filled with 3d animations, maps, logistic and problems to be solved.
A final part involves going through three other projects, submitted at the beginning of the workshop, by participants to make a collective assessment of their successes and areas of improvement.

The purpose of this proposed workshop is to share experience between attending museum professionals and designers to improve the creative and production processes associated with the production of large scale projects in order to improve our understanding of modern design, including the use of A/V technology, all to bring a perfect experience to audience.
We will analyze: Prince Czartorysky Museum one of the oldest in Europe with Leonardo da Vinci ‘Lady with Ermine in it , Hydropolis that opened 3 year ago – one of the most successful educational center in Eastern Europe, Knappenrode in Germany – a sample of classic European revitalization of Land and Mind, Rynek Underground – first multimedia archeological site exhibit in the center of Krakow.

I am a lead team designer for almost 20 years. There are several papers on the exhibits I worked on but not sure if they are translated. Websites to the topics described above are as follows: