Busting Mental Health Myths through Art and Audio

Lightning Talk

Thursday, April 02, 2020: 11:00am - 12:30pm -

Christine Murray, Antenna International, USA

How can we connect honestly and substantively with visitors around mental health issues?   National Gallery of London and Antenna International developed an audiowalk with young people in their teens and twenties who struggle with mental health issues, to dispel common myths and misunderstandings. The creative team worked with psychologists and specialists from Kings College London and most importantly, a group of young people who grapple with their own mental health to develop the stories and content of the program.  Each stop on the audiowalk tackles one common myth about mental health, including difficult topics like depression, social anxiety, suicide and self-harm. The audiowalk features young people sharing raw, lived experiences, reflecting on artworks and spaces in the galleries, and how museums can bring about healing through self-understanding and reflection. Delivered through a progressive web app, the experience requires no downloads or installing, and even works offline without WiFi once it’s up and running.