Big Data and the Visitor Journey: Using Data Science to Understand Visitor Experience in the ARTLENS Gallery and Beyond


Friday, April 03, 2020: 11:00am - 12:20pm -

Jane Alexander, The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, Cal Al-Dhubaib, Pandata, USA

As one of the most technologically advanced museums in the country, known for ARTLENS Gallery and Open Access, with an internationally respected encyclopedic art collection, The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) continues to focus on ways in which digital technology can enhance the museum experience for all its visitors. In this cross-collaborative effort between the Digital Innovation Team, Evaluation Team, and Pandata data scientists, we will explore the scope and core elements of the CMA’s digital roadmap and explain how they address one of the most challenging questions faced by museums across the world; “Is it working”?
The CMA and Pandata collaborate at the intersection of data science and museum technology to bring exciting projects to life. We will discuss the backend systems to support flexible access, both in theory and practice; leveraging evaluations; use of Meraki analytics and multiple dashboards in making data-driven decisions and the effort required to pull everything together and inspire communities to leverage our expansive and comprehensive dataset. Ultimately, these processes allow us to not only show that ARTLENS Gallery is working, but to dive into even more exciting possibilities for future insight.
Our presentation will include:
• The importance of partnering with data scientists and the museum’s evaluation team
• An overview of the technology underlying visitor behavior analysis
• The lifecycle of iteratively prototyping and socializing dashboards built on visitor behavior
• Key insights and lessons learned from exploring rich visitor behavior
• A snapshot of what’s next for the CMA as a result of this nuanced understanding

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