Victoria the T. rex

Victoria the T. rex is unconventional, technology-forward exhibition built around the discovery of one of the largest, and most complete, T. rex fossils ever found. Using innovative and immersive technology to educate and excite; this touring exploration invites visitors, primarily children and families, to unravel the story of Victoria, a 66-million-year-old female Tyrannosaurus rex from the Cretaceous period.

NGX Interactive’s work was critical to the overall exhibition experience, leading and executing on the creative and digital approaches behind four core exhibits. These four exhibits were designed in a way that offered visitors diverse opportunities for experiencing and understanding Victoria: immersive (Experience Victoria), play-based learning (Create Victoria) experiential (Watch Victoria), self-guided exploration (Meet Victoria). Alongside experiential planning, technology and digital media is used to tell a fuller story to shift assumptions and stereotypes about this apex predator.

This exhibition opened in November 2019 and we are proud of the collaborative work and efforts with our partners in completing this project.

IMG – Exhibition producers

Scenic XL, Exhibit Designers

Ravenswood Studio, Fabrication

Design Electronics, AV Integrators

Maggie Ryan Sandford, Interpretive Lead

Animism Studios, VFX

Lightswitch, Lighting Design