Tibetan Dragon Sutra Immersive Interactive Installation

Tibetan Dragon Sutra immersive interactive installation is an interactive apparatus inspired by the ancient manuscript. Through the combination of science, art, and cultural relics, viewers can immerse themselves in the wondrous beauty of the Tibetan Dragon Sutra and submerge themselves within the intense spiritual energy emitted. The interactive device features material from the Tibetan Dragon Sutra: Imperial manuscript copy in gold ink housed within the collections of the National Palace Museum.

It is a collection of Tibetan Buddhist manuscripts completed during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Due to their exquisite craftsmanship, grandeur, and solemnity, the manuscripts are a rare masterpiece in the fields of art and religion. The device is designed to initiate an interactive mechanism by sensing the number of people present. The experience encompasses a three-stage process that is gradually unveiled. Beginning with the amassing and swirling of flecks of golden light, people will then see flying scriptures and the eight auspicious symbols floating around them, followed by images of holy Buddhist figures.

The theater is also equipped with seating similar to the zafu used by Buddhist monks to enhance the meditative and calming effect. After viewers take their seats, the ground surrounding them will begin radiating scriptures and the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhist rituals. Further into the display, the scope of the animations on the floor will gradually expand. Through augmented reality, viewers will feel as if they have received the blessings of the Tibetan Dragon Sutra as they read and comprehend the translation of the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra while being surrounded by animations of Buddhist statues transforming from black and white into images of vibrant color.

Regardless of nationality or age, visitors can all experience the feast of the senses brought to them by the Tibetan Dragon Sutra.