Save your Stream

Save your Stream is a faced-paced, collaborative game that makes visible the hidden connection between storm drains and streams.  Players race against the clock to drag common neighborhood trash and pollutants to the proper receptacles (trash, recycling, hazardous waste, compost) before a rain storm washes any trash remaining in the neighborhood down the storm drain and into the stream. New trash items appear throughout the round, but speedy players working together can succeed in disposing of all the trash.  Each of the game’s three levels become more challenging as a new type of waste and corresponding receptacles appear in the neighborhood on the screen.

After the rainstorm at the end of each 30-second round, the scene shifts and players see the trash items left in the neighborhood spewing out of a storm drain culvert into a stream. The sequence of the rain in the neighborhood, the trash animating toward the storm drain, and the same trash items flowing out of the culvert into the stream is carefully choreographed to help players understand that what happens in the game also happens in their communities.

Players receive feedback on their performance both from a point score, which determines whether they can advance to the next level, and visually through appearance of the stream. Depending on players’ performance, the stream ranges from sparkling blue and healthy to a polluted neon green with blurping bubbles and dead fish. The end-of-round screens also feature brief, easily-digestible messages about the problems different pollutants cause in streams.

   Attract screen


Level 1 features regular and hazardous waste

Trash spews from storm drain into stream

Level 1 completed with toxic stream

     Level 1 completed in Spanish version

  Level 2 added recyclables to the mix

Level 2 completed screen

  Level 3 includes compostables

  Final congratulations screen with sparkling stream