Reflection. I am like you surely

Interactive installation co-created by Superskrypt for Warsaw Rising Museum.

The Warsaw Rising Museum from the beginning of its existence collects memories of participants and witnesses of the events of August and September 1944 so that the next generations could remember their experiences and draw from them. Each of the insurgents deserves to be commemorated and remembered, and the “Reflection” exhibition is designed to bring us closer to the participants of this historic rising.





“Reflection” exhibition is designed not only to bring us closer to participants of this historic rising, but also to find the identity of those who are unknown. „Reflection. I’m like you surely” is an interactive installation focused on the heroes of the Warsaw rising.





The main point is two interactive mirrors located in the central part of the exhibition. Visitor see his or hers reflection in them. The facial recognition algorithm searches in the museums photo databases for the visitors historical “twin”. It allows the visitor to face him or her and learn his or hers tragic history. The mirror engages in dialogue with the visitor. It asks him or her questions about making decisions in the time of trial. Would the visitor fight and perhaps sacrifice his or hers life, just like the counterpart did? Looking at the reflection, we learn the fate of a stranger yet a very close one.




The design of the exhibit allows a very personal contact with the visitor. History doesn’t seem si distant anymore. The only thing that differs us from the insurgents is the surrounding reality. Knowing the history helps us shape it in the right way.



The interactive exhibition „Reflection. I’m like you, surely” allows you to find our historical twins and look at their fate from a completely different, personal perspective. The project has enriched the museum exhibition with an intimate experience, it brings the visitor closer to the presented content. Applied design is combined with psychology and anthropology in mind.



From its premiere, the exhibition “Reflection. I am like you surely” has been seen by 123 000 visitors.






​​​​​”Reflection. I am like you, surely” has won the STGU (Polish Graphic Designers Association) Project of the Year 2019 award