Re-enacting the Archive: B-Hind

V2_ is a lab for unstable media and presents, produces and archives at the interface of art, technology and society for more than 35 years. This resulted in a very rich and diverse archive. But how to show the value of the archive, of unstable media,  as a source of new inspiration to the public? And what would an iconic work of media art be like if it is created using today’s technology, science, knowledge and critical perspective on the world? To do so, the ‘RE-enacting the Archive’ project, a collaboration with In4Art, started – an innovative project to highlight cultural heritage.

Artist Dani Ploeger was selected to create a new work inspired on the archive work ‘Amplified Body’ by Stelarc. He proposed Appendix Machina and over the course of a year, different open public moments showed the transition from a work in 1994 into a work in 2020. The final result was a one of a kind performance in February 2020; a product launch of B-hind: intimate innovation. It was totally unexpected for the audience,  and the reactions were fantastic in its diversity. It was a huge success, having the exhibition space at V2_ filled for full capacity. Leading to the decisions to prolong the performance. Furthermore, different press wrote about the project. Additonally, the performance itself is made collectible – an interesting way to attract new audiences. It proves how relevant it is to archive cultural heritage, and to keep experimenting with it, showing in different means the reflect on past endeavours and translate them to the current realm, leaving room for experimentation to seamlessly blend virtual and physical experiences.

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