North Dakota Night Sky

North Dakota Night Sky was created from a crossroads of the Hubble Exhibit sponsored by NASA at the ND Heritage Center & State Museum and the University of North Dakota aerospace program. A 360 video allowed us to highlight the beautiful features of the North Dakota night sky anytime, anywhere, on any device. ND Night Sky 360° video.

Using a phone, desktop, or tablet device, users are taken through a guided tour of the night sky in an immersive VR experience. Online, the weather is always clear. The time is always right. The view is always good. Users with an Oculus headset will be able to enjoy the full experience as sound and visuals take them digitally to Menoken State Historic Site.  The experience is also great on tablets, phones, and any 360 enabled smartphones. Other phones will use touch and drag features to enjoy the view.

The North Dakota Night Sky video also ties into the broader segments of the Night Sky online exhibit where users can learn about North Dakota’s impact craters, meteorites, Mars mission research, navigation and notable North Dakotans.

Feedback from educators has been positive and when tied with the ND Studies Night Sky themed trunk, this set of educational options was designed to be fun and let all North Dakotan’s reach for the stars.