Mind of the Master: Michelangelo’s Drawings for the Sistine Chapel Ceiling

This interactive, designed for in-gallery use in the Getty exhibition, Michelangelo: Mind of the Master (February 25 – June 7, 2020) https://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/michelangelo_drawings/
invites museum visitors to explore the creative process behind one of the most renowned paintings of all time: the Sistine Chapel ceiling panel, The Creation of Adam. Drawing was key to Michelangelo’s development of the project, and the few sketches that survive—he destroyed most of them—provide evidence of his thinking. Each had a purpose, whether as a study for a figure’s pose, or to envision a figure within a composition.

In the exhibition the interactive consists of two touch monitors mounted in a single display case, positioned adjacent to the drawings for the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. This interactive focuses on the iconic figure of God and his entourage of heavenly spirits. The opening screen begins with the fresco. Users move a “looking glass” to highlight areas for which related sketches exist. When a figure is highlighted by scrolling over it, a window expands with brief explanatory text and images of related sketches, animated to clarify their connection to the fresco.


Michelangelo interactive in the exhibition gallery.
A gallery view of the Michelangelo interactive kiosk


A user discovering a POI - God's hand as it reached towards Adam.
A user discovering a POI – God’s hand as it reaches towards Adam.


Exploring a POI.
Exploring Michelangelo’s preparatory sketches for God’s right arm.


A gallery view of the Michelangelo interactive kiosk.
A gallery view of the Michelangelo interactive kiosk.