This project is dedicated to the Moscow period of Leo Tolstoy’s life. The name “LNT / MSC” is derived from abbreviations (Leo Tolstoy and Moscow).

Most of us moved from our hometown to a metropolis and were forced to adapt to the new environment. “LNT / MSC” is a site that tells about how Leo Tolstoy solved pressing issues when moving to Moscow.

Another part of the project is two bicycle audio guides “Tolstoy steers” on the izi.TRAVEL platform. These are walks around Tolstoy’s Moscow, from which you can learn a lot of new and interesting information about what this city meant to the writer and how he spent time here.

A pleasant bonus for you will be a funny sticker pack “Tolstoy-hipster”. When it was created, we fantasized on the topic of what Leo Tolstoy would have been if he had lived in the 21st century.