INSURRECTION 1944 : Immersion into the inner workings of French armed Resistance

The Museum of the Liberation of Paris opened on the 25th of August 2019, marking the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris. The museum is located at Place Denfert-Rochereau, a large square in the southern part of the capital, near the famous Lion of Belfort and facing the Catacombs. Located at the crossroads of major Paris axes, the museum is accessible to visitors using public transportation. Entirely restored and newly laid out, the museum offers an immersion in the history of the time, with a tour of the headquarters of colonel Rol-Tanguy, head of the Paris section of the French Forces of the Interior, installed 20 metres underground during the week of the Liberation.

In August 1944, the shelter was a focal point of the Liberation of Paris. From August 20-28, 1944, Henri Tanguy, alias Colonel Rol, who headed the French Forces of the Interior in the Paris area, installed his headquarters there. From this command post, operational orders were given for the Paris insurrection. The command post received written messages, phone calls and information from liaison officers about the situation in Paris, requested reinforcements and gave orders for missions and intelligence gathering. The shelter switchboard was directly connected to passive defense stations, the water department, police headquarters and the metro. This meant that 250 phone stations in Paris and the nearby suburbs were in direct contact with the command post and able to avoid the P.T.T. network (official telecommunications), which could be tapped. The passive defense shelter was indicated on the maps of the General Quarry Inspection but the German services had no idea of the activities taking place under the Ledoux pavilion.

“Insurrection 1944” is a mixed reality immersion into the inner workings of French armed Resistance.