In Tune With Nature

Ideum collaborated with the Cayton Children’s Museum in Santa Monica, California, to create In Tune with Nature, a playful interactive room thoughtfully illustrated to immerse visitors in an animated mountain meadow scene. In the space, children play with butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, and other creatures as the scene moves through cycles of dawn, dusk, night, and daylight again. The room’s ever-changing animations include a wide range of natural cycles. For example, the sun and moon rise at different locations as the experience unfolds, clouds move across the sky, stars twinkle overhead, and the occasional shooting star appears in the night scene. The butterflies, dragonflies, and fireflies react to fast motion and loud noises, leaving the scene if children are too active. A more contemplative child, perhaps sitting quietly, will be rewarded as butterflies and fireflies flock to their location.