Getty of Thrones

Getty of Thrones is a social media series that connects Game of Thrones to real medieval history. This series aimed to highlight collection objects that often aren’t on view, sought to build relationships with our digital audience using a mutual excitement about Game of Thrones, introduce medieval concepts and ideas in an engaging way to a younger audience, and pilot a hosted social video format.

After each episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, Getty’s medieval manuscript curators put together an episode recap using real medieval artworks. They would expand on themes inspired by the episode on our blog, including topics like: female knights, depictions of death, claims to power in the Middle Ages, prophecies, and more. 

And in this final season, Getty developed an Instagram TV show that ran for five episodes featuring our two medievalists as hosts, discussing Game of Thrones predictions, debating medieval history, and taking viewer questions. The videos ranged from 6 minutes to 15 minutes long and across 5 episodes amassed 222,000 views and 350 comments.


Video 1: “Medievalists Predict Game of Thrones”
Video 2: “Medievalists Discuss Game of Thrones and Medieval Politics”
Getty Iris Blog: “For the Throne: Medievalists’ Musings on Game of Thrones”
Recap of Season 8, Episode 1
Recap of Season 8, Episode 2
Recap of Season 8, Episode 3
Recap of Season 8, Episode 4
Recap of Season 8, Episode 5
Recap of Season 8 Finale
Video 3: “Medievalists Answer Game of Thrones Questions From You”
Video 4: “Medievalists Address Game of Thrones Questions 2”
Video 5: “Medievalists Address Game of Thrones Questions 3”
Video 6: “Medievalists Address Game of Thrones Questions 4”