Galt Museum Website: Content and Booking Automation

The Galt Museum & Archives is a mid-sized institution in Lethbridge, a city of just over 100,000 residents. Our museum is a primary destination for school groups looking to learn about the human history of the region. Our education programs tie directly to the provincial education curriculum. We have more than 13,000 participants attend our education programs each year. The volume of requests has long been a source of frustration for our Museum Educator. In 2019 we piloted an improved system to streamline and automate the booking process for frontend users. This solution launched in January 2020 and has saved our Museum Educator dozens of hours per month in the two full months it has been active and has drastically simplified and improved the booking process for front-end users.

Our old system involved teachers calling or emailing our Museum Educator, who would communicate several times with teachers to find days and times that were available for the teacher and for the museum. The new system features a schedule of available time slots that teachers can book specific programs during. The automated email system includes periodic reminders at set times before the scheduled program, the ability for teachers to book, reschedule, and cancel programs without needing to contact the Museum Educator directly. It also sends teachers an automated email and request that they complete a survey about their experience at the museum with their class.

The experience of the front-end and back-end user have been significantly improved, with significant time savings to staff.