Family Exhibits at National Museum of Qatar

National Museum of Qatar: meander through history

Last spring, the highly anticipated National Museum of Qatar in Doha opened its doors to the public. The museum celebrates the rich history of Qatar, its heritage and its culture through an immersive museum experience. In the middle of the vibrant city of Doha, visitors find a peaceful and quiet place where they can experience and learn about the (natural) history of Qatar. As they stroll along the 1.5 kilometres long meandering exhibition, they discover six appealing areas for families, like lush riverbeds where parents and children can rest, play and learn.

Showcasing and celebrating Qatari history and culture, the National Museum aims to be a contemporary sanctuary for the people of Qatar as well as international visitors. Its goal is to be a museum for everyone, not only for art connoisseurs: family members of all ages should be able to visit and have fun together. The museum set out to be as inclusive as possible by taking into account all types of visitors from the start. OPERA Amsterdam and Studio Louter designed the six Family Exhibits. Here, the story of Qatar comes to life in an exciting, innovative and immersive environment. It provides a platform for intergenerational learning experiences that encourage visitors to actively engage with the gallery content in fun, tactile and immersive ways. Creating a mesmerising and yet educational space, the family exhibits are an unforgettable visitor experience in and of itself.



Commissioned by Qatar Museums

Concept & Exhibition Design: OPERA Amsterdam & Studio Louter

AV and Interactive Media: Studio Louter & Kiss the Frog, with ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño

Construction and Hardware: MAN Enterprise – Empty SL Joint Venture