Elegant Encounters—AR In-Gallery Guide

“Elegant Encounters—AR In-Gallery Guide” is based on the tradition of elegant gatherings in ancient China. Elegant gatherings were a form of social interaction among the ancient literati and involved cultural activities such as playing the zither, chess, writing, and painting, etc. These cultivated congregations were not only cradles of cultural achievements, but also left behind numerous calligraphy works and paintings—many of which have now become part of the National Palace Museum’s collection. This augmented reality in-gallery guide is based on the traditional significance of these ancient gatherings. Through 5G technology, AI recognition, and other technologies, the public is invited to enter an elegant gathering in which the past and present intersect. Together with friends and the ancient literati, visitors experience the joy of participating in a literary gathering.

The AR In-Gallery Guide will first organize a route according to the personal preference of each visitor. For example, it could be related to making friends with other literati or drinking for literary inspiration. The guide also uses features such as AR overlay, guide mode, and virtual-real world integration to facilitate dialogues between modern audiences and the ancients. The garden landscape and decorations from the painting Activities of the Twelve Months (The Third Month) adorn the exhibition gallery. 3D models of peach trees, traditional windows, and archways are embedded in the spaces between the display cases and the seating area. This seamless integration of the real and virtual worlds lets visitors feel as if they are wandering amid an elegant Chinese garden.

The butterfly from one of the paintings will guide visitors through a customized route, weaving the exhibits into a fascinating tale. Audience members follow the butterfly’s trail to attend an elegant party and appreciate paintings of literary gatherings through the ages. With AI image recognition and 5G media streaming, visitors will feel as if the curator is closely whispering at their side and experience a close encounter with the ancient paintings from the curator’s unique point of view. Audiences also find themselves in an art party as they view magnified paintings using high-definition display technology and further their understanding of the hidden details behind the glass cases.

With the help of technology and digital storytelling, visitors can participate in an elegant gathering that transcends the boundaries of time and space and are offered more possibilities for exploring the museum’s diverse collections.