C.O. Polk Interactive Museum

C.O. Polk Interactive Museum
Reimagining the local history museum as a digital hub for residents and tourists

To create a museum about local history, we created digital experiences that excite both local residents and tourists. Over the last three years the Museum Planning LLC team worked with the City of McDonough Georgia and delivered a “turn-key” museum, fully complete and ready for the public.

Starting with a historic building of an unused post office that contains a WPA era mural by Jean Charlot, created a local hub to anchor a revitalized city square and serves as a tourist destination for families traveling along Route 75 a major Florida to New England thoroughfare.

The C.O. Polk Interactive Museum is cinematic, an interactive experience designed to put the visitor first and help them to make personal, emotional connections with the City of McDonough. Housed in a historic former post office, the exhibits take the visitors on a journey, from a holographic introduction by the Mayor to informative, interactive visual displays interspersed with state of the art exhibits.

C.O. Polk Interactive Museum – Scope of Project and Budget

  • $1.45M including all costs; Soft Costs (Museum Planning LLC, Project Architect GMC and Engineers) and FFE
  • $511,941 Building Renovation, 3100 square feet
  • $590,000 Exhibition Fabrication ($327.77 per square ft) 1,800 square feet