200 y +

“200  y+” born in 2019 after a collaborative workshop organised in 2018 because of the Bicentenary Commemorating Exhibition of Prado National Museum. Along three phases, 13 to 18 years students had the opportunity of visiting the museum and reflect about the museum trajectory, most important artists and current affairs such a the woman role in art along centuries.

With “200 y +” we have turned the museum into a video game scene, which main character must visited different woman artist epoch, claiming their priceless legacy. In her way, the main character will found gags related with fantasy, fiction or humour (ghost, robots, time machines, women without faces…) whit the goal of help us delve into the stories which still alive in the museum and its paints.

This video game is though for anyone interested in Prado National Museum, who can delve into the stories and painting that we have already said.

Nowadays, “200 y +” has more than 200.000 downloads, so you can see the massive impact it has being.