Axiell ALM
Axiell is a global company operating at the cross section between the IT and cultural sectors. To date nearly 70,000 of our solutions are in use within Libraries, Museums, Schools and Archives. We enable reading, research, collaboration and the creation of the knowledge society; all fields of great importance. We have a responsibility to meet both the broad needs of the industry, and the specific needs of different clients. With this in mind, we are committed to innovating and developing the world’s best solutions for our customers. We ensure that past and present knowledge informs the future.
Brightcove Inc.
The world’s most innovative and respected brands confidently rely on Brightcove to solve their most demanding video communications challenges because of the unmatched performance and flexibility of our platform, our global scale and reliability, and our award-winning service. With thousands of customers and an industry-leading suite of cloud video products, Brightcove has a deep heritage of enabling customers to drive compelling business results. To learn more, visit http://www.brightcove.com.
Digonex Dynamic Pricing
Whether your goal is to optimize revenue, manage extreme attendance
swings, enhance community accessibility, convert guests to
members/season pass holders or have ongoing attendance and
revenue projections, Digonex Dynamic Pricing can help. Our team of PhD economists create customized algorithms that project guest demand and deliver
our recommended “optimal” admission price. We update our
recommendations daily as new data becomes available.
Forum One
Forum One is a full-service digital agency that works with mission-driven organizations to create the stunning designs, smart messaging, and custom-built technology tools they need to realize their goals and extend their influence in the areas they care about most.
Gretel is a smart platform specifically developed for museums to deliver content across all mobile devices and websites — supporting the latest technologies such as location awareness and Augmented Reality (AR) and allowing deep integration with other services and products.

The Gretel platform supports both native and web apps. The intuitive content management system (CMS) can also handle your website content. This means that you can now streamline, manage and publish all content with just one CMS.
Livdeo is a French company who has created GEED. GEED is an innovative digital platform that allows cultural institutions, transport networks and heritage sites to build and distribute mobile visiting companions with universal accessibility for people with disabilities in mind. The GEED application companion takes the form of PWA ("ProgressiveWebApps"), and meets current standards for native mobile applications. It does not require an Internet connection or prior download from an AppStore. Thanks to its experience in the field of cultural and tourist promotion, LIVDEO brings two new innovative digital mediation solutions: DEEALOG and GEED.AI
Shoofti is a technology platform for smart places comprising a content management system and a mobile app that provides a set of methods for users to interact with the places. The mobile app currently provides interaction using NFC and QR codes, and is extensible to include Bluetooth beacons and image recognition for augmented reality. The content management system allows places to develop multimedia content in a generic hierarchical structure that provides information and tools customized to the place as well as to different types of visitors and users.

Shoofti is a joint project of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and Hobyatek, LLC, USA.
Ticketure is a modern ticketing platform built on APIs, ideal for timed entry and general admission ticketing needs. Mobile first, easy to configure, handles memberships, groups, donations, CRM and financial package integrations.
WordFly is easy-to-use, modern marketing software made just for museums, attractions, performing arts and cultural organizations. Attract, connect and convert new visitors into long term fans with email automation, SMS, survey's, RSVP's, forms and more. See why over 500 arts organizations around the world turn to WordFly for beautiful, measurable campaigns that get results.